Who we are

Administration and Project Management Inc. It is a supplier, young, dynamic and growing. 
It was initially established in British Virgin Island, with the idea of becoming a reliable supplier of raw materials for construction.

With the passage of time, has managed to diversify its offerings by expanding the provision of services to other industrial areas, which is why we are currently able to meet high demands. Sectors we work with offer a preference not only for the quality and prices of our products but also the customer service I get from the first contact.


Meet the needs of our customers paying a service advisory and management international seeks to ensure quality products, relevance to your need for business and office in the time required; asi adding value to purchase decision and relationship advice by reliable long term.


Near to our customers, wherever they are material market ended, ensuring quality and better prices. for this we have a large signature back front, framed in production management believes that the optimal selection of raw material, manufacturing process suitable environment and conservation.


Consider to be very good at something is the starting point but not the goal. 
For this reason, ADMINISTRATION AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT INC executes a plan for continued growth, significant in increasing product lines to offer, exploring all regions to ensure quality and manufacture to the highest standards and providing full traceability from application until the effective delivery of your purchase. 
This plan results in WIN-WIN.

We grasp a satisfied customer once your requirements is home with us and our customers get reasonable prices with proven quality.